About Us

The Alliance of Chinese Culture & Arts USA (ACCA-US) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. It is composed of the local chapters across regions in USA and fully operated by the volunteer-based communities playersIts mission is to share Chinese culture, develop “East meets West” programs, and partner with the professional arts organizations to host the public events, linking culture and arts to our humanity through the powers of sight, sound, and touch. Since 2020, its mission has been extended to commit to bringing Asian culture & arts communities together to showcase Asian creative expression with the hopes of building a more vibrant and prosperous community through the power of arts.



Mi Shen      Chair
Bingwen Yan       Co-chair & Finance Officer
Huan Gao      Vice-Chair
Jackie Liu      Secretary


The chapter executives are the leaders of each chapter. Their ability to set the tone and direction of each chapter will determine its success.


Sacramento (CA) Chapter 加州首府萨克拉门托分会

Xiaoyi Liu (刘晓艺)      President (会长)
Mengxue Liu (刘梦雪)       VP (副会长)
Fengchun Jiang (姜逢春)       Supervisor (监事长)
Jun Wei (韦 珺)       Treasurer


Minneapolis (MN) Chapter 明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯分会

Huan Gao (高寰)      President (会长)
Ruzhao Cheng (程汝钊 )       VP of Media Partners
Fengzhe Sun (孙凤泽 )       Director of Volunteerism
Huazhi Li (李华志)       Treasurer


Cincinnati (OH) Chapter 俄亥俄州辛辛那提分会

Hannah Feng (冯晓红)       Executive Director
Jun Li (李俊)       Treasurer
Weiwei Wang (王玮玮)       Director
Junzheng Ding (丁俊正)       Director


Jersey City (NJ) Chapter 新泽西州泽西城分会

Andrew Chiang (蒋念居)      President (会长)
Ana Ren         Treasurer


Tampa (FL) Chapter 佛罗里达州坦帕分会

Xiaoming Li (李晓明)      Executive Director
Fengmin Wei (韦凤鸣)       Director
Jessie Xu(徐净植)        Treasurer